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Is Your Area Prepared for Coronavirus

4/1/2020 | Health

In the face of this Coronavirus crisis, we’ve assembled a special dataset of Coronavirus risk factors .

Coronavirus Resources

3/26/2020 | Health, Other

We have compiled a list of supportive opportunities that help address various issues that may have arisen for you or loved ones as a result of this virus.

One Unexpected Benefit from the Coronavirus Emergency

3/18/2020 | Economy, Other

This worldwide health emergency may be the major event that makes remote working more accepted as a common business practice.

Relocating in the United States

3/12/2020 | Other

If you’re thinking about relocating, here's some insider advice from BestPlaces superuser Joanne B. who's moved over 100 times!

Places with the Highest Comfort Rating

3/4/2020 | Climate & Weather

The BestPlaces Comfort Index factors in components such as afternoon summer temperature and humidity to determine the places in the U.S. that are the most comfortable.

Metro Areas with Fastest Rising Income

2/25/2020 | Cost of Living, Economy

The rich get richer - that seems to be the case when talking about recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau for median household income.

The Best Places for Lovers of Live Music

2/11/2020 | Other

With music being a passion for many in the US the drive to find events and places that suit their musical interests is high for many Americans.

The Find Your Best Place Quiz Big Takeaways From Our Recent Launch

1/29/2020 | Other

You'll Be Surprised!

The Find Your Best Place Quiz

1/15/2020 | Other

Try it today!

Three Big Trends For The 2020 s

1/2/2020 | Other

What Happened, and Where We're Going

Best Cities for Board Gamers

12/13/2019 | Other

Salt Lake City Takes First Place

Where Friendsgiving is Most Popular

11/24/2019 | Other

New Jersey tops the list of the states most into Friendsgiving

Gloomiest Places in America

11/12/2019 | Climate & Weather, Health

With a high Percentage of Cloud Cover, low Average Hours of Daylight, and many Days with Precipitation - Seattle and Portland are officially the Gloomiest Places in America.

Bert Sperling The Guy Who Picks the Best Places to Live

9/17/2019 | In The Press

New York Times - May 6, 2007

Loud Boat Greg Really Weird Online Review Of Portland Maine

9/13/2019 | In The Press


Providence is Number 1 for Doughnuts

9/13/2019 | In The Press

Providence Journal - February 20, 2019

Top 10 Cities to Beat the Heat

9/13/2019 | Climate & Weather, Health, Other

The BestPlaces Summer Comfort Index considers seven climate variables, including total precipitation, daily minimum and maximum temperatures, extreme high and low temperatures, average dew points, and precipitation days.

Public versus Private Schools

9/13/2019 | Other

Which cities use public schools the most?

Car Insurance Depends GREATLY on Where You Live

9/12/2019 | Economy, Other

See Where Your State Ranks in Car Insurance Premiums

The Ultimate State Tax Ranking

9/12/2019 | Cost of Living, Economy, Other

Which States have the highest OVERALL taxes? - plus Climate Visualization Video

States with the Highest Income Tax and New Crime Risk Indexes

9/12/2019 | Crime, Economy, Other

State Income Tax Index for the 50 States and the District of Columbia, from highest to lowest.

New One Click Comprehensive Data Downloads

9/12/2019 | Other

Now you can download the full BestPlaces set of data for any city, county or zip code, and save them to your computer for easy, offline comparison in an Excel or Numbers spreadsheet.

Data Refresh Sitewide Update of Most Popular Data

9/12/2019 | Other

Update to our major categories of demographics, population growth, income distribution, race and ethnicity, education, marital and family status, housing, occupations and industries, employment, and commuting categories

Adding Search and Map Browsing to Mobile App

9/12/2019 | Other

Mobile App Improvements

Launch of the BestPlaces Mobile App

9/12/2019 | Other

Compare the place you're in right now to other places in the U.S, and save your favorite places for continued research.

Moving Guide

9/12/2019 | Cost of Living, Climate & Weather, Other

Be well-informed before your move and do the necessary research before packing up

How to Play the BestPlaces Board Game

9/12/2019 | Other

Game Boy Geek Video

The Best Places to Move in Retirement Are All Over the Map

9/12/2019 | In The Press

New York Times - May 5, 2017

Minnesota is Fun City USA

9/12/2019 | In The Press

New York Times - October 29, 2003

Seattle is Number 1 Hygge City in America

9/12/2019 | In The Press

Seattle Times - January 17, 2018

Customize Your Own Personal Estimated Taxes

9/11/2019 | Cost of Living, Economy

Enter your specific details and compare all the major tax categories (income, sales, property, motor vehicle)

Using the BestPlaces Mobile App

9/11/2019 | Other

Case-study walkthrough and tutorial

Where Hurricanes Strike

9/11/2019 | Climate & Weather

Stunning visualization of U.S. regions most at risk from hurricanes

Best States for LGBTQ Rights

9/10/2019 | Politics & Voting, Other

States that offer the most LGBTQ legal protection

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